The Enemy Wants to Steal Potential

     We still have a full month and for some areas, full two months before children head back to school.  Already, we have lost too many children to gunfire and others to ATV or car accidents.  There have been too many swimming accidents or accidental falls. It is now more important than ever to cover your family in prayer.  Psalm 91 promises to cover us.  However, you do need to be a Christian, but even if you aren't and you call on the Jesus that your Mama serves or the Jesus of the lady that you work with or the Jesus of the man who fixed your car, I believe that God will show up.  He is just that gracious and willing to forgive.  He is a rewarder of them who diligently seek Him.  Even if you have never called on Him before and call Him in a time of need, I believe that heaven will take notice and God will show up.

        I know that we have a lot of young parents, but you can still be young and have Jesus.  You need Him even the more as a young person.  The enemy doesn't want our children to live to be adults.  If he could stop them in the womb, he would.  He tried to abort Jesus. You owe it to your children, your spouse and your relatives to pray for them. If you claim to be any sort of Christian, you need a prayer life.  You don't need a two-minute prayer life.  You need a rise in the morning before work and before you go to bed prayer life.  You need a getting to church on time and then coming in the middle of the week for service prayer life.  You need and if I don't pray, I might lose someone prayer life.  I get nervous when I don't pray.  I don't know what might pop off.  I realize that we all have to leave here someday.  However, I take it personally if a family member leaves under my watch.  I go back and examine my prayer life.  I have had my Mom tell me about something that happened and look at me like it was my fault.  It should not just be a few folks in your family praying.  You ought to have a family full of Holy Ghost filled prayer warriors on their knees for families.  We have that much opposition against us and we need even more prayer warriors.

     I have partnered with many ministries over the years.  I know I probably wore out the phone lines at the Breakthrough Ministries in Columbus, Ohio.  During that time, I was running a non-profit with a friend of mine and there was always so much opposition to getting grant money and just conducting business day to day. There were other things going on as well.  One person does not a foundation make.  It takes an active board of directors and all hands on deck for those who work with the foundation.  God was gracious enough to grant me a solid when I would call TBN or Breakthrough to get someone to agree with me regarding whatever was going on.  I remember one of the people who we had partnered with literally got us kicked out of free space for our programs.  I don't know what went on and I didn't go into details with her about what happened.  I called on Jesus and then I drove to a place where I use to be President of the Board with their non-profit and asked the current Pastor if we could have some space and God showed up and gave us space that day.  I want you to know that it was better than the space that we had previously.  It was in the basement or crypt of the church and they even fed our students for free after-school.  You can't tell me what God won't do.  What the devil meant for evil God used it to His glory.

     Get a prayer life.  Even if you don't know how to pray, the Bible says to pray in this manner found in Matthew 6:9-13 which is the Lord's Prayer.  You can pray as many times a day as you like.  I have prayed as many as three times a day when I really needed God to show up.  I pray at least morning and night. Sometimes when you are at work, you can steal away to the bathroom for a quick prayer.  You can pray on your lunch break.  God will honor your prayer especially if you are in great need and praying the best that you can when you can.

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