GLORY IN THE WINDY CITY Glory…The Hair MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE—Author Sandra Hamer kicks off her EXPERIENCE THE GLORY TOUR in the windy city of Chicago, Illinois at this year’s 30th Printer’s Row Lit Fest.   The Printer’s Row Lit Fest is sponsored by the Chicago Tribune and located in the Loop.  Founded in 1985, the Lit Fest attracts tens of thousands of people each year.  One of the characters in Glory…the Hair is interviewing for a job in Chicago at a local TV station.  Read the book to get the inside scoop.             Glory…The Hair tells the story of Jennifer Williams and Troy Smith.  When Jennifer’s hairdresser, Sheila Kennedy, takes a bit too much off Jennifer’s mane, Jennifer is furious.  She decides to sue her stylist!  As the plot unfolds, the reader learns about Jennifer and Sheila’s love lives, their spirituality, their pasts, presents, and futures.              The two women discover that men are partially at fault for women’s hair issues.  Men love hair, yet the vast majority of them have no more than a couple of inches on their heads.  Instead, their obsession forces women to grow and maintain long, flowing tresses; spending unbelievable amounts of money and even more time on their hair.             However, in addition to men, the book blames hairdressers who destroy women’s hair—their glory.  This damage has far reaching effects.  It affects a woman’s self-confidence, her peace of mind, her love life, and her employability.  However, regardless of all the tangles hair causes, the characters in the Glory agree that God is bigger than any head of hair.             Author Sandra Hamer is a Christian.  She was born in Grand Junction, Tennessee, and raised by her grandmother.  She spent 13 years in the broadcasting industry working as a reporter, assignments editor and desk assistant.  She resides in Memphis, Tennessee and works for Shelby County Schools.  Hamer is also pursuing a doctorate in Educational Leadership at the University of Memphis.  She has penned a second novel which she is shopping around. ABOUT AUTHORHOUSE: The only profitable print-on-demand and eBook publishing company of its kind, AuthorHouse was founded in 1997 and has more than 60,000 titles released. For more information, visit .” - Sandra Hamer


  **For Immediate Release** THE ORIGINAL BEAUTY SHOP BOOK ANDTHE BEAUTY SHOP RESTAURANTTOGETHER AT LAST IN MEMPHIS!CONTACT: Sandra Hamer        Memphis, Tennessee….. Author Sandra Hamer teams up with The Beauty Shop Restaurant for a delicious literary event. Hamer will sign copies of her book GLORY…THE HAIR at the restaurant located at 966 South Cooper Street. The event takes place Saturday, February 6, 2010 from 5 to 7 p.m.       Glory…The Hair takes you inside Touch-Up, Shelia Kennedy’s upscale hair salon where some of Memphis’ finest are getting their hair whipped. After Shelia has a slip of the scissors so to speak, the entire city is a buzz about the two. Jennifer once cordial with Shelia is now taking her to court over hair and it has nothing to do with a bad relaxer.        Jennifer has to rely on her faith to keep from “going postal” but she doesn’t stop there. Shelia needs to be taught a lesson. Hairdressers are supposed to be a woman’s best friend. She believes that Shelia intentionally cut her hair just because she’s “j”. Shelia believes that Jennifer has it all wrong, but now it’s being played out in the court of public opinion and in a court of law.      Christian Fiction Author Sandra Hamer is a middle school reading teacher with Memphis City Schools. The first time novelist is also a playwright, poet and budding screenwriter. The former television news reporter/anchor is currently working on a sequel to Glory…The Hair and two non-fiction books. Glory…the Hair is available at or       Karen Carrier is a restaurateur/artist. She owns The Beauty Shop Restaurant, Do Sushi and Mollie Fontaine Lounge. Memphis has her to thank for opening Automatic Slim’s Restaurant on South Second Street. Carrier is a graduate of the Memphis College of Art. Not only has Carrier launched restaurants in Memphis, but also New York City where she attended the New York Cooking School. Carrier was also inducted into the Society of Entrepreneurs in 2004.### ” - Sandra Hamer