Today, I am starting my career as a blogger for health and beauty products by first reviewing Parnevu’s Leave In Conditioner for Extra Dry Hair.  I ran across Parnevu products I believe when I went to La Vogue on Madison Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee.  That was a few years back. Adrienne Williams-Roddy is the owner of the salon.  She also did my hair a lot when I was on television.  If you are looking for a color expert, she is the person.

             I used various other Parnevu products over the years off and on.  For the last 3 years, I have used the Leave In Conditioner for Extra Dry Hair.   I love this stuff.  If you are going natural, this is great for you because it will give you manageability.  If you have relaxed hair, you may want to use it a day or two before shampooing.  It will revert the hair.  It is excellent to use after shampooing and conditioning.  Before or after you mousse your hair to set it or wrap it, put some of this on, and then let your hair dry under the dryer.  It will grow stronger.

            I also like using it around the edges of my hair when I have been working out.  It will make the hair more manageable and soften the edges. Around the edges is where some of us have problems.  The hair can snap from poor maintenance.

            The product is water-based.  This product costs about $5.00 for a 16-ounce jar. You should be able to find it wherever Parnevu products are sold.  Use of all hair care products should be part of a healthy hair regimen whether you are styling your own hair or in the care of a licensed hair stylist or kitchen beautician.  This product will make a nice addition.