The Pursuit of Babeness

      Some people think it is just by accident that they have some of the problems that they do.  In regards to hair, when you are trying to pursue "babeness" or simply trying to be the best you can be and as fly as you can be, you will encounter problems.  Hopefully, this blog entry will help us to surround ourselves with people who feel the same way that we do.. that longer healthier hair rocks.

     Sometimes, I have to reflect back on when my hair was what I considered to be at my best.  A lot of the times, I had popping hair but it was at a cost.  Usually, I had to sit somewhere for several hours to get the ultimate hookup.  When you start pursuing degrees or you may have extra responsibilities that is no longer an option.

       I felt inspired to write this blog after shelling out $70 for hair.  I was a little shocked at the price, but I had already added up the services and it should have been about $15 dollars more.  After getting in my car and taking a closer look, I realize why I got a deal.  I believe home girl snipped off more of my ends than requested.  So now, I will have to go the way that some of my other friends have gone.  I will have to have one hair dresser for styling like relaxers, shampooing, etc and one for end maintenance.  In this instance, I will just cut my own ends.  If I need a new hair style, I will probably have to go somewhere else.  Being responsible for clipping someone's ends is a little bit too much power for some folks.  Could it be that holding a pair of scissors is like drinking a half bottle of Jack Black?  I don't know.

        Nevertheless, it was my fault for not watching her like a hawk.  Next time, I will have to just say no. I actually have enough experience to clip my ends.  It doesn't take a rock scientist to do that.  You don't have to spend money going to a hair school to do that.  I have friends who do their own relaxer and they will never step foot in a salon again.  You really can't blame them since styling hair is too much power for some people.  I know folks with gorgeous locks who are now going natural.  Is it any wonder that a lot of stylists are losing out and many hair companies are selling even more products because some folks are choosing to do it themselves?

        I sort of wish some of these stylist would wake up.  Your salon will stop looking like a deserted island if you just give people what they want.  I suppose just having the money to go on some trips every now and then and having a nice vehicle and house is enough.  Why not strive for being a hair care entrepreneur who is really getting paid?  I hope that I won't have to do what other friends have done and just start doing my own hair period.  I don't have a problem when it comes to shampooing etc.  Keep watching this blog.  I will start adding hair companies who are sponsoring me and my book GLORY...THE HAIR.  I will also start reviewing products from hair companies.  I don't plan to give free shout outs.   Why should I?  They are getting my money anyway.

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