If You Could See Me Now

My have the last few months been a world wind experience for hair.  I went from having length with potential to length with patience.  I am also praying for patience for my husband with my hair.  I think it all has to do with hair coloring.  One Saturday after going to the stylist the night before, I woke up to breakage on my satin pillow case.  I told my husband that my hair appears to be extremely dry.  I texted the hairstylist a few days later and told her about the breakage.  It was so dry that I decided to do it myself.  I can do my hair but I decided to try a new product and boy things did not go as planned.  If you haven't done your hair in awhile, you might not want to try a new product.  Just use what you normally would use.  

Next, I decided to go to a hair school for my retouch.  That worked out okay.  I was scheduled with the same lady the following week but I had to change from Friday to Saturday because of a deadline we were trying to meet.  I went in Saturday with a different student.  I should have stayed at home in bed.  It appeared that things were going okay until she felt the need to show me what was in her combs.  It appeared that she had pulled out a significant amount of my hair.  Really doll, you want to show me that.  Even though, I tipped her and rescheduled an appointment when I got in my car.  I called and canceled.  Since then I have been doing my own hair.  I have decided that I will do it myself until I need a relaxer.  Then after a few shampoos, I realized that I have permanent color on my hair.  Permanent color for my hair is not greatly advised.  I usually get a rinse after a retouch. Permanent color is harsher on my hair.   So,  I have been washing and setting my hair and occasionally flat ironing it.  Yes, I have had to snip ends but it will get healthier and is already growing back out.

In addition to normal hair care,  I take excellent hair vitamins and I eat pretty healthily.  I also try to exercise and I plan to do more in that area.  Additionally, I try not to worry too much because that is just a tool that the enemy uses to help you loose ground.

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