"How Long Do You Stretch on Relaxers"

I recently started going to a new hair stylist at JcPenney's salon.  My manicurist at a different location actually recommended her.  I was looking for someone who wouldn't a) over process my hair b) maintain the style and color that I want c) wouldn't take me to the cleaners in the price department.  I found all 3 with Mrs. Valarie Smith.  She is from Decatur, Alabama.  I have heard some communication about stretching your hair in times past and not using a relaxer too frequently, but for whatever reason it really stuck when she discussed it.  She told me that in order to achieve the length that I wanted I would need to stretch between relaxers from 8 to 12 weeks.  

At first I thought, is this some kind of joke?  Then, I got online and googled it.  I saw that people were talking about how many weeks they could "stretch."   I found out that "stretching was actually good for your hair and this is how people actually get length.  I also realized that I would have to commit to going every week so that she would put whatever setting lotion or mouse that she has that is actually better than mine especially for weeks pass my normal 6 weeks.  This also ensures that I won't have my hair over processed so much like in times past.  "Stretching" is actually good for my hair.  I know still that I may sit out one week to deep condition my hair with a new protein treatment that I found at hairinfinity.com

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