Review of Parnevu's Vita Gro


You have followed me over the last several months as I have chronicled my usage of Parnevu products.  I have used the products off and on for about 15 years.  Parnevu has always maintained its quality as a hair care line and has been synonymous with good hair care.  If you can find a good hairstylist and use these products, the sky is the limit.  I believe these are excellent products for African-American hair. I found this particular product refreshing because my hair tends to be dry because I use a relaxer and hair color.  If you are only using a relaxer you hair is not getting as dry. 

This product makes your hair more manageable the closer it gets to retouch time.  That is especially good news for me since I have a tight curl pattern.  It also helps to prevent breakage.   A lot of women can avoid breakage by having a stylist who is gentle with your hair... using a good detangling shampoo and a wide tooth comb.  A good stylist treats your hair as if it were their own.  You should do the same when taking care of your own hair.

You ca not go wrong with the Parnevu brand.  I don’t ever remember buying or in this case trying a Parnevu product and not getting the results that I want.  The Parnevu name has the reputation of quality products to back it. “For more information about this product and other products by PARNEVU, visit their website

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