GLORY...THE HAIR centers around the main characters Jennifer Williams and Troy Smith.  Jennifer's hairdresser, Shelia Kennedy, clips a bit too much of her hair.  Jennifer ends up taking Shelia to court over hair.  You learn about their spirituality, their men, their past, and their future.
GLORY deals with women and their jealousies.  The book deals with hairdressers who systematically try to destroy a woman's glory.  This affects a woman's self-esteem.  It affects her peace.  It affects her on the dating scene.   It affects her job opportunities, but everyone agrees that God is bigger than any problem.
This book also deals with a lot of the personal issues of the characters.  Read about the life of Jennifer and find out what type of family background she has.  She is a spiritual person, but not quite at the level of Shelia, her former hairdresser.  We initially see Shelia as the villain in this book, but as you read on you will find out about the woman behind the hair fiasco.


GLORY...THE HAIR is an excellent and entertaining page-turner.  Have your faith renewed and also be entertained by the lives of hairstylists and hair clients.