5 Steps to Becoming a Babe

           There is a big misconception about babe hood.  Some men only think women with long hair are babes.  I beg to differ.  Many women have bought into it by getting weaves and extensions.  I am all about looking good, but why not grow into babe hood and save money.  Below, I will detail what I believe are five steps to becoming a babe.

            Feel like a babe.  If you feel like you are a babe, then you are.  A babe is often described as a good looking woman.  Men often refer to their woman as babe as a term of endearment.  Don’t go home to your husband or when you see your man and ask, “Why don’t you call me babe?”  Just because he doesn’t call you babe doesn’t mean you aren’t one.

            Act like a babe. A woman who is a babe has a certain air about herself.  She floats across the room.  She is soft-spoken.  I am trying not to be so loud.  I have to code switch from work to home.  I blame television on my loud voice and working in education having to instruct students on what to do in an authoritative way.  Understand babes are not loud.

            Do what babes do.  Babes like nice clothes.  Babes keep their hair done.  Babes boycott hair stylists who won’t properly care for their hair to help support their mission. Babes are home decorators and neat housekeepers. Babes are nice and sometimes do community service work.  Babes are trustworthy and make men desire to have a woman like that.  Babes make men get off work early if they can.  Babes make men cancel plans just to hook up with you because you have an opening. Men sometimes take on second jobs to keep babes, but babes don’t require it of a man.  It’s just something that he wants to do.  Babes wear nice perfumes that will make a man track you down in the grocery store.  Babes make men stop in traffic and say, “Who the hell is that?”  They call their buddy and declare that they just saw a “babe.”  Babes can have Halle Berry or Beyoncé type hair.  Length doesn’t matter.  It’s the air about the woman. I have seen some bald babes and they rocked. Their situation was usually due to an illness and their man still treated them like a babe.

            Babes avoid haters. Babes don’t hang out with people who tear them down.  Even if you don’t feel like a babe, your girlfriends or man can coach you into babe hood.  Sometimes babes have more men friends than anything unless they are married, engaged or in a long term relationship and want to respect their man by only lunching with their Dad, brother, son, etc.  Babes like positive energy and they hang around positive people.  Babes are positive and happy people.  Babes possess good character and people like being around them.  Babes are confident and secure.

            Babes can be made.  You can become a babe today. Look in the mirror and say, “I am a babe.”  That’s it.  That’s all that required.  You are now a babe.  Enjoy it. 


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